Sonrisa Stables offers year-round, multi-discipline youth equestrian programs emphasizing individual skills, leadership and teamwork. We provide year-round lessons, one-day camps, and spring & summer week-long camps based at the legendary Red Fox Farm in Gilroy. The Sonrisa Equestrian Team was created in 2001 and is an extraordinary example of our talented next generation.

Coach Karen Topping teaches all aspects of horsemanship and horse care while building a community of independent, self-sufficient riders who mentor and support each other.


“I ride at Red Fox Farm and see Karen teaching the kids almost every day. She is so good with them! She teaches them to respect the horses, how to handle and groom them, and about rider etiquette. And the actual mounted lessons are so well planned to bring the kids along safely with confidence. They have a great time and progress nicely. I tell everyone I can about Karen’s riding school. She teaches adult beginners as well in the evenings. Definitely worth contacting Karen if you want lessons for yourself or your kids!” – Mercedes Jordan, 7/14/2017

“Karen’s program is truly unique, from horsemanship and riding lessons to trail rides and everything in between. Our daughter has learned so much from the non-competitive team environment. The cost of membership is so worth it!” – Michelle Bach, 7/12/2017

“My daughter has been riding and having lessons with Sonrisa for years. The experience has helped her build self-confidence and independence. The girls get to learn every aspect of caring for a horse and how to ride. They work as a team, and you can see the camaraderie. I highly recommend the program.” – Davette Berry, 9/1/2016

“I have been riding with Sonrisa for 4 years and I absolutely love it! The riders are like a family and the horses are lovely, I have learned so much from Karen! I would recommend it to everyone, it has built up my confidence both as a rider and as a person! I wish I had started riding here years before I did! I immediately felt so accepted by the riders and horses. Karen has been like a second mom to me and she is one of the kindest people I know.” – Marissa Favet, 5/8/2014